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Connect with your customer and prospects in a more effective way.

How it works

Just tap it on any NFC enabled smartphone and that's it!

In rare cases that the smartphone doesn't have NFC technology, no problem, the information can be shared using the printed QR Code in the back of the card.

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Corporate Sales

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Make every contact count

Traditional paper business cards often end up getting lost, and as a result, potential connections and relationships may never materialize. However, with Sollo, this problem is eliminated. Our innovative solution ensures that all your information is instantly shared with your customers or prospects' smartphones, enabling seamless and immediate connection.

Never miss an opportunity

The Sollo Card is crafted from durable PVC material, akin to a credit card, making it highly resistant to drops and water damage. Whether you find yourself in challenging environments or everyday situations, you can trust that your Sollo Card will always be by your side, ready to make a lasting impression.


Do you frequently travel to other countries for business? No need to worry! With Sollo Card, all the labels and information will be automatically translated into your customer's language, streamlining the process of sharing vital information. This feature ensures that language barriers are effortlessly overcome, making communication and information exchange even easier during your business ventures abroad.


Sollo Card is a cost-saving solution for your business. Say goodbye to the need for constantly printing business cards.

With Sollo Card, when a team member departs and a new member joins, the card can be effortlessly transferred to the new team member at no additional cost. This not only eliminates the expense of printing new cards but also ensures seamless continuity in representing your business. Save money and effortlessly manage transitions with Sollo Card.


Traditional business cards have a detrimental impact on the environment, with millions of trees being cut down every day to meet the demand. In contrast, Sollo Card offers a unique and environmentally friendly alternative. It can be easily transferred between team members, eliminating the need for excessive printing and reducing waste. By choosing Sollo Card, your business actively contributes to a more sustainable future, minimizing your ecological footprint while still maintaining effective communication and networking capabilities. Together, let's embrace eco-conscious practices with Sollo Card.