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Sollo Digital exists to help companies all over the world solve real daily issues, some of which include:

Never nissing a good lead

We've observed situations in the business world where meaningful connections are easy to establish but difficult to maintain. For instance, consider a scenario where you attend a meetup and engage with a potential customer or strategic partner. While the initial conversation goes well, the momentum often wanes after business cards are exchanged.

What are the chances that both parties will keep that paper business card in a safe place, or even remember to follow up the next day? Quite slim, right?

Sollo solves this problem with a simple tap on the person's smartphone. Your information is shared instantly, allowing you to send an SMS message or an email with just a button tap.

No Need for Business Cards

In today's fast-paced world, circumstances change rapidly, and it's possible to find yourself without a business card at a crucial moment, which can hinder potential business opportunities.

Carrying 5 or 10 business cards in your wallet can be a hassle, adding bulk that isn't desirable.

Sollo offers a sleek, technologically advanced solution in the form of a single, thin card.

Cost Efficiency

Companies worldwide spend hundreds of millions of dollars on paper business cards.

Sollo stands out as a unique, transferable, user-friendly, and portable alternative.

Environmental Considerations

Life is full of changes, including team members leaving their positions and new members joining.

Companies that still rely on paper business cards end up discarding numerous cards and ordering replacements when such changes occur.

Sollo prevents this wastage and inconvenience.